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Hair Extension Costs

Below are 2 of the most common questions about the costs of hair extensions.

1.  How much do hair extensions cost?

Hair extensions vary in cost from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.  Differences in prices are directly related to the quality of hair used and the method of attachment.  Good quality human hair is very expensive, but well worth the price since it will last longer and look more natural.  Quality synthetic hair is less expensive than quality human hair, but it must be replaced every time the extensions are removed.  Many hair extension methods require several hours to attach a full head of extensions.  The longer it takes to attach the extensions, the more expensive the hair extensions get.  Stylists are foregoing regularly scheduled hair cuts, colors, perms, etc. to do the hair extensions and their time must be expensed. Hair extension supplies also are factored in to the total costs.

2.  Are there maintenance costs?

Absolutely!  Some hair stylists will quote you a price that includes some maintenance visits.  During maintenance visits, the stylists typically will replace any extensions that have fallen out, or will completely remove and re-attach the hair extensions to accommodate new hair growth.  You may also need a hair cut to blend the hair extensions into your current hair style.  Many hair stylists do not recommend keeping hair extensions in over 2-3 months at a time.  Maintenance visits vary and are dependent on whether the hair is completely removed and replaced.

If you are comparing hair extension services from several different salons, be sure to calculate in the price of maintenance visits and costs of replacing the human or synthetic hair.

Costs of getting hair extensions

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