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Hair Extension Maintenance

Hair extensions are sometimes advertised with a misleading statement:  "You can treat them just like your own hair"

This is misleading since it is implying that you don't really have to do much to take care of hair extensions.  This is far from the truth.  If you know someone who has long hair, you should ask them how they take care of their hair every day.

Long hair requires extra time and work.  It will take longer to shampoo and condition your hair, longer to comb, dry and style your hair.  And it will require extra hair care products, such as daily conditioners and deep conditioners.  Below are four common questions about day to day maintenance issues for hair extensions

1.  Will I need to use special hair care products?

Some hair extension methods will require you to use special hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, rinses, etc.  It is very important to confirm with the hair extension stylist ahead of time since the use of the proper hair care products can affect any warranty of the hair extensions.

2.  What hair appliances can I use?

Hot appliances such as curling irons, flat irons can be used on most human hair extensions.  Your stylist will probably advise you to not place any hot appliance near the bond or point of attachment as the heat can loosen the bond and make the hair extension fall out.  Synthetic hair extensions are a different story.  If you use a curling iron or flat iron on synthetic hair, it will essentially destroy it.  Recommendations for synthetic hair styling include the use of hot rollers on very low settings.

3.  Is there anything special I need to do to keep the hair extensions looking good?

There can be special instructions for handling your hair extensions after showering, during swimming and while sleeping.  Some instructions include always drying your hair -- never let it air dry, wearing a swim cap or putting special hair care products on the extensions while swimming and braiding your hair while you sleep to avoid tangles.  Ask your hair stylist if you must follow any of these special instructions.

4.  Can I still color or perm my hair?

In most cases you will be able to color or perm your roots while wearing hair extensions.  A complete color change or all over perm may not be possible, especially with synthetic hair extensions.  Your stylist may recommend completely removing the hair extensions before doing this

Maintaining your hair after you get hair extensions