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Selecting a Hair Extension Method

There are many different hair extension methods available today.  As more and more men and women get hair extensions, there are more options and methods available.  With the growth in demand, consumers can expect many new and improved methods over the next few years.  Hair extensions offer the quickest route to long, beautiful thick hair. Five of the most common questions about hair extension methods are below.

1.  How are the hair extensions attached?

Hair extensions can be attached in many different ways.  Some methods use string, mini links, mini locs, bonding materials, braids, adhesive materials (fusion), heat seal, sewing and even clip-ins.

2.  How do I find out what method is best for my hair?

There are methods that have been developed specifically for hair thinning, damaged hair, thin and fine hair.  You should consult with a hair loss specialist to find out what method would work if you have a hair loss or thinning problem.  Consumers with normal and healthy hair have many different options available.

3.  Does it hurt to get hair extensions?

It should not hurt to get hair extensions. If it does hurt, something isn't being done right.  For example, some methods will attach the hair extensions by sewing them into tiny braids that are created with your natural hair.  If the braids are not done correctly, they will cause your scalp to hurt or be very sore. We have heard some stories, however, of people getting headaches during the first few weeks of wearing hair extensions.  This could be caused from the extra weight of the hair extensions, especially if you went from very short hair to very long hair.

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4.  What is the best hair extension method today?

This is up for debate.  If you were talk to the owner of each hair extension company out there today, you will hear that their particular method is the best method.  They will give you reasons why all the other methods are not suitable or very damaging to the natural hair.  This leads us to believe that there are certain hair extension methods that are best for certain people.  Before selecting a particular method, you should search hair extension forums to see what people might be saying about that method and find out what sort of problems there might be with the attachment or removal process.

5.  What hair extensions do celebrities get?

Celebrities tend to select hair extension companies and methods that personally train and certify their hair stylists to do hair extensions.  These companies require the stylist to invest money in equipment and training classes where hands-on hair extension training is conducted.  A celebrity is marketable based on looks and talent.  It would not behoove them to go to an inexperienced or untrained hair stylist to get hair extensions.  Many of these hair extension companies are listed in Step 3 to getting hair extensions which includes researching the companies.