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finding hair extension stylists, salonsHair Extensions Stylists and Salons

Hair extensions are a specialty service that require training and practice.  Some hair stylists cannot afford very costly training programs that require financial and time investment.  This does not mean that a hair stylist without formal training cannot do hair extensions.  There are many good training videos and instruction manuals that can provide the hair stylist with a good education in the hair extension application and removal procedures.  Hands on training and practice are of course the best way to prepare for attaching hair extensions. 

1.  How do I know if my hair stylist has the proper training for attaching hair extensions?

Ask your hair stylist what training and education they have for attaching hair extensions.  Write the info down and verify it after your consultation.

2.  How do I check out my hair stylist to see if they do good work?

Ask for references.  Some hair stylists will be reluctant to give out hair extension references. A lot of women that get hair extensions don't want anyone to know they are wearing them.  Also, ask to see before/after photos of their previous hair extension clients.  Ask questions about the photos to make sure the stylist knows information about the clients and didn't just take the photos from someone else.

3.  Where can I verify that the stylist is certified for a particular method?

Search online in any search engine for the hair extension company that they said they have received training or certification from.  Then you can call or Email that company just to verify the info.



4.  Do hair stylist guarantee their hair extension work?

Some hair extension stylists will offer certain guarantees of their work.  They may offer to fix any hair extensions that fall out for free, or make repairs as necessary.  Always get any guarantee in writing along with any special criteria for meeting the guarantee.  For example, the stylist may require that you use only a certain line of hair care products and care for the extensions in a certain way, or the guarantee will be void.

5.  How do I find out if there has been any complaints about my hair stylist?

It is always a good idea to check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the salon or stylist.  Also, you can check with your State Board of Cosmetology to see if any complaints have been filed.

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