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Problems With Hair Extensions

tangled hair extensionsEvery hair extension method out there today has potential to cause problems.  Serious hair damage and breakage are problems most are concerned with.  Application and removal procedures are the cause of many problems.  This is why it is imperative that you are comfortable with your stylists hair extension experience. Below are some problems that can surface with wearing hair extensions.

1.  Allergic reactions.  Some hair extension methods use nickel, metal type products or chemical adhesive materials that can cause allergic reactions.

2.  Hair extensions fall out.  Sometimes if you hair is excessively oily, certain methods of hair extensions will not stay in place.  The extra oil causes them to slip right off.

3. Hair extensions fall out along with the natural hair.  If the natural hair is not strong enough to hold the hair extensions, the extensions can fall out and pull the natural hair out with it.

4.  Extension hair gets severely tangled and mattes. If the hair is not properly maintained, or if inferior extension hair is used, severe tangles and mattes will happen causing damage to your natural hair.

5. Extra weight of human hair can cause headaches. Human hair is very heavy, almost 3 times heavier than synthetic hair.  The extra weight can cause some to get headaches.

6.  Natural hair is too thin or weak to hold extensions and results in permanent hair loss.  If you hair is damaged or very weak and you try to attach hair extensions to it, you may be looking at permanent hair loss.  The damaged hair is further damaged with the extra weight of the extensions.

7.  Natural hair is damaged when removing the extensions.  The removal process must be done correctly to avoid damage.

Now that you have read all of our Hair Extension FAQ's, you can proceed to the section that outlines Six Separate Steps to follow to getting your hair extensions.

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